Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Julio Bagué, an executive that always "closes the door"

 As an active Grammy U member, I received an invitation to an event called “Grammy Future Now.”  Many personalities of the music industry would be present and I didn’t want to miss the chance. The event was going to be held on Friday and I drove from Orlando to Miami the day before. Hopefully, I was able to arrange an interview meeting that same Thursday with the Executive Director of Peermusic Miami and Puerto Rico, Julio Bagué.

Long before getting to the appointment, I had the first signal that this would be a great interview. I tell you why. I got out of class at Full Sail at 12:30 p.m. and I drove straight to Miami planning on arriving at 4:00 p.m. My road trip got delayed and I had to call Peermusic offices to ask if there was any possibility to move the appointment to 4:40 p.m. Mr. Julio answered the phone, and in a gent way he told me: “Don’t worry, I’ll be here, I’ll wait for you.” What a nice gesture. I drove nonstop and I arrived exactly at 4:37 p.m. Just in time. He received me right away and the interview started shortly.
We started with a fresh and fun conversation. I told him about my experience at Full Sail University so far, and he showed interest in what I am studying. He was surprised with the lessons that instructors are teaching us, especial Project and Team Management. Why? He said: “What you are telling me is what I apply everyday on a daily basis. I always work in teams.” He gave the first piece of advice, “People who think that they can do everything by themselves are wrong! You always need a team to accomplish goals. That’s why the word partner is so important to me.” The second and very important advice was, “always know what your team mates or business partners want, so you can set a scenario where everybody works on a win-win relationship that last in time.”
The conversation kept smoothly the whole interview. Sometimes, it went analytical and sometimes we were laughing with funny and interesting stories. We were having great time so far. We started to talk about his strong skills and the “close the door” story came out. He considers himself as a good planner and he learned it from his mentor Carlos Varela. When he was around 15 years old, Varela assigned him a task, which was to make an arrangement of one song. At the day to present the assignment; Julio gave his mentor an unfinished arrangement. Mr. Carlos looked at the homework and noticed that it wasn’t finished yet. He turned to Julio and says: “ This is not finished. What if you are making an arrangement for a band that is going to play a concert today? The band can’t play right?” Then, the mentor stud up and went into the door; he opened it and said: “Julio close the door.” Julio went towards the door and pushed it but without actually closing it. His mentor told him: “Look, the door is not completely closed. The door is closed when you push it, you hear the click, and the door is aligned with the frame. And you didn’t close the door.” From that moment, the expression “close the door” has accompanied his entire career. Julio is an executive that always closes the door.  Project he starts, project he executes. He just taught me a great lesson.

The interview was coming to an end. As an entertainment business master student, I considered appropriate to ask him for advice to step in the music business. The music industry has many turns around and we should be ready for it. Julio Bagué believes that people should not plan every move they make to achieve a final goal. Life will drive you through different paths that could lead you to success too, but from another perspective. He never thought that he would end up being an executive of a publishing company. At the beginning of his career he took projects that maybe were not designed for him, but they were interesting his professional growth. These projects drove him by a path to accomplish future goals. “Be open to new things and possibilities, and most importantly, adapt;” he concluded.

The meeting with Julio Bagué revealed knowledge and clear understanding of life in general. He strongly believes that best results comes from working in teams. The determination to execute and conclude projects has been the key to success for this outstanding executive.  The multiple Latin Grammy awards nominations and Prince Royce publishing deal are just few examples of Bagué's success. 

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